here are a lot of incredibly effective ways to use our dollar bill marketing cards for your business… no matter WHAT KIND of business you’re building and promoting.  We’ve created dollar bill marketing card for dozens of different types of business and thousands of different businesses have used them as drop cards, sizzle cards, dollar bill coupons, contest entry forms, referral cards, retail discount cards, restaurant coupons, and even to simply replace their traditional old business card.

One of our largest customer demographics is the “work at home” entrepreneurs.  Whether working in the MLM or Network Marketing industry, affiliate or CPA marketing, or even your own insurance or travel agency, sometimes just a simple compelling phrase along with a phone number or website address is enough to drive traffic, leads, or customers to your business.  Below are some of our best selling simple phrases that are most likely to get people to your website or to call your 24 hour recorded message.

Number 1 Home Based Business…


If You Want to Work the Rest of Your Life,
That’s Your Business.

If You Don’t, That’s My Business!


This is Your Invitation to The Wealthy 1% Club!
(555) 555-5555


Disappointed?  Don’t Be!

I can show you how to make
25-30 real ones every month!



You can make excuses or you can make money.
You can’t make both!

Call John (555) 555-5555


If You Thought This Was Your Lucky Day,
You’re Right!

This Card is Worth a LOT More Than $100!
Don’t Believe Me, Then Don’t Visit:


If You Already Love Your JOB and
Making All the Money You Want,
Then Don’t Visit This Website:

The best idea for these cards to be the most effective, is to keep the message simple.  Provide just enough information that the viewer will feel compelled to either visit your website or make that phone call where you can then provide them with MUCH more detailed information about your service or offer.  Giving too much information on these cards may give your prospect an opportunity to make a premature decision as to whether or not to view your site or make the call.

Hover your mouse over the “Samples” link above and take look at some actual cards in different denominations from the $1 bill marketing card all the way through to the $100 dollar bill marketing cards that we’ve created for our previous happy customers.


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