Drop Cards and Business Cards that look like real moneyOrdering Your $1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 100 Dollar Bill Drop Cards, Business Cards, and Sizzle Cards is Easy!

Follow These Simple Steps to Order Your Business Cards or Drop Cards.

  1. Select your payment preference, either PayPal or Google’s Checkout System.

  2. Select the quantity of drop cards or business cards that you would like to order from the payment drop down menu.

  3. After submitting your payment, please complete the Card Customization Form that you will be forwarded to. We will create a proof image of your cards for your review and approval prior to printing your business cards or drop cards.

Please Note The Following:

  • PayPal customers MUST click on the “Return to Merchant” button after subitting payment in order to be returned to the Card Customization Form.
  • Google Checkout customers must be patient as we have to manually send you a link to our Card Customization Form.  Google’s Checkout system does not have an automated system for this.
  • Business card drop card orders cannot be split into separate jobs. For example, you cannot order 1000 business card drop cards and ask to have two designs of 500 each.
  • California customers will have their sales tax automatically calculated during the payment process.
  • We will design a Proof Image of what your drop cards will look like and email it to you for approval prior to printing your order. Please respond as quickly as possible in order to expedite your order.
  • Upon completing the payment process, please have your receipt number ready to copy and paste into your order form. This assures a correct match up of your payment with your customized order form and more efficient processing of your business card drop cards order.

The average order for drop cards and business cards to be designed, processed, and delivered is approximately one week and are delivered via USPS Priority Mail services.

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order business card drop cards with Google Checkout

Google Checkout customers will be able to select your desired denomination on our Card Customization form when we send you the link. Because of the limitations of Google's Checkout system, we must email you a link to our Card Customization Form when we receive your order in our queue. PayPal automatically redirects you after payment, Google does not.